Alibaba RFQ Management

-At a Glance
  • Alibaba RFQ – A New Way to Approach Your Buyers
  • RFQ Process & Steps to Achieve Quality RFQs
  • How You can Explore the Benefits of Alibaba RFQ?

What is RFQ?

– Readymade Inquiries for Sellers to Quote

RFQ is a hot buzzword for active users and still many Gold members are unaware of this big opportunity to meet their prospective buyers on this platform. RFQ means Request for Quotation, where buyers can raise their requirement to global suppliers and through RFQ submission; sellers can offer their competitive quote (complete product information along with pricing terms and shipping.)

RFQ is posted by the buyer, which is reviewed by Alibaba’s industry expert before publishing. RFQ is high quality buying request than a general inquiry because it is screened by the experts before publishing or delivering the quote.

RFQ Process that Makes It Reliable

-Stringent Way of Genuine Business

  • Buyer submits RFQ
  • reviews RFQ
  • Suppliers submit quotations
  • screens quotations
  • Buyer receives quotations
  • Trade begins

How to Get Business Relevant RFQs?

-Target the Right Buyers

Several steps will help you to get quality RFQs relevant to your business products-

  • Require to set appropriate product keywords in Alisource (Max 20 keywords can be set for RFQ)
  • Need to upload all your focused business products to get Recommended RFQs
  • Sign in at and start submitting RFQs

Quoting Rights

-Rights Inherited in Gold Members

As per the latest formula for RFQ allotment w.e.f 01.10.2016, all members have the same basic rights of 20 RFQs per month. One can increase the monthly quoting rights by improving the monthly performance score based on various parameters.

The Factors that Influence Market Performance Score

  • Number of days signed in
  • Number of RFQ quotations
  • Average quotation response time
  • 24-hour quotation response rate
  • Buyer satisfaction rate
  • Total number and value of Trade Assurance orders which have cleared customs

Alibaba calculates user’s performance in RFQ marketplace based on company dimension, so as to reward rights according to performance score of each month. Alibaba reserves the right to revise or update these RFQ rules at any time.